Tiling – How To Measure For Floor Tiles

Tiling – How To Measure For Floor Tiles

How to Measure For Floor Tiles


 Measuring up for tiles can be and usually is a tricky job, but if done correctly,
can help to avoid running out of tiles or buying too many tiles and trying to return them.  

To Measure a Floor Area in Square Meters –

  • Measure the Length in Meters
  • Measure the Width in Meters
  • Multiply the Length by the Width
  • Allow another 10% for wastage by multiplying your answer by 1.1


 3.08 x 1.25 = 3.85 x 1.1 = 4.23 SqMts Required

This area will normally be rounded to the nearest box depending on the tile chosen.

If your floor area is not a perfect square or rectangle, divide up the floor into sections and measure each section in turn and this will give you an accurate measurement.

Another option would be to draw out a diagram and take this to McDaids Bathroom Plumbing Tiles where an experienced staff member can double check measurements for you.



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